David W Evans is a Lifestyle Medicine specialist, an author, and an international speaker. He is the co-founder of nonprofit organisations; Lifestyle & Preventive Medicine, Happy Bootcamps and the Academy for Health Superheroes. David, together with his wife Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska, are well recognised internationally in particular for their global initiative Move Happy and Happy Bootcamps, which aim to get one billion people active, educated and connected world-wide in the next few years. The Happy Bootcamps operate in 12 countries nationwide and run a variety of health and fitness programs, promoting whole-food plant base nutrition, positive psychology, exercise, the responsible use of Earth’s resources and the idea of connecting all nations towards one mission; health, happiness and global wealth.

Because of the health crises, the General Sports authority of Saudi Arabia invited Happy Bootcamps to launch a pilot project across the kingdom. Within only a few weeks, David mobilised Saudi’s largest fitness providers, universities and hospitals, involving thousands of people and turning Happy Bootcamps into a national phenomena. Filmed and interviewed by some of the kingdoms biggest TV channels, David became a national superstar and a sign of hope for many Saudi men and women who battle with obesity and chronic diseases.

During his career as a professional athlete, David became fascinated at how much power our mind has over our entire life, including health, happiness and overall success. “The physical aspect of the sport can only take you so far, you have to train your mind like you train your body. Succeeding is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical fitness” David often heard from his coaches and colleagues who won Olympic gold medals. But he quickly realised that this formula wasn't exclusive to athletic performance, it was the formula for a successful life. Gaining his knowledge and experience from some of the world’s best experts, he quickly became well known as the man who turns the impossible into reality.

He co-authored a series of children books with the title Academy for Health Superheroes, one of the best educational books for children ever published. The first book of the series Academy for Health Superheroes, The Heart, which is now available to buy, is not only funny and brilliant, “it’s a treasure trove of wealth and health knowledge teaching children and their parents the six basic foundations of what it takes to become a healthy, happy and successful person…”. David and his co-author Dr Agnes believe that the world is looking for ‘a cure’ to stop people from getting sick in the wrong place - labs. They believe that our children are the cure, their education and mind reprogramming can transform not only global health but the entire world. “With 100 billions neurones in our brain that process 400 billions actions per second, everyone is a genius and everyone can live an extraordinary, healthy, happy and prosperous life. And this is where we all need to start the change, right there - in our and our children’s heads” say David and Dr Agnes.